Whose Wedding Is Better?

Nothing will ruin the joy of planning a wedding faster than comparing your wedding to your friends weddings.
It’s a major mistake guaranteed to lead you down the road to anxiety and indecision. Shakespeare tells us, “To thy own self be true” and th is the best place to start as you plan your wedding.

Ask yourself: are an introvert or extravert.

Extroverts thrive on weddings with lots of visual stimulation. Their wedding and reception may feature funky photo booths, large dance floors, long head tables, garter toss, bouquet toss, and pre choreographed dances for entertainment.

These weddings are always memorable and fun to attend. When the bride and groom are both extroverts, it all looks and feels natural because it reflects who they are.
IMG_2572Introverted couples glow with a more private social settings. Their wedding party is small with immediate family and intimate friends.
IMG_3293They may have grandmothers as flower girls as an expression of their intimate bond with family.
IMG_3345And to take the attention off themselves and to place it on their guests. IMG_2398

Photo by Cayton Photography

Introvert’s receptions are intimate. In this wedding my bride painted Colorado mountain scenes as table markers and gave them to her guests as gifts. That’s intimate.
You may be planning for a mixed introvert- extrovert marriage. Opposites do attract.  Your challenge here is to make sure both of you are comfortable on your wedding day and that your wedding plans complement both of you. You know, a little yin and a little yang.

Planning a wedding? Give me a call 719 200-5182 or click here. Let’s plan a wedding that complements your personality type ensuring that you and your groom feel natural on the day of your marriage. Being true to yourself is always the best way to start a marriage.  Liz Ash/owner, floral designer Ambience Florals