Color Trends For 2015 Weddings

Odd how the second 2014 was over, so was that holiday feeling. Even an expensive Santa ornament at 75% off is no longer interesting once that Christmas feeling is gone.

 I’m now seeking an injection of what 2015 might bring. I’m looking at garden catalogs and thinking about  spring and summer weddings. READ MORE

How Much Does This Cost?

I have many brides send me pictures. A practice that I encourage.

And then they ask,”How much does this cost?” I understand the importance of that question.  Until you have an answer it is often impossible for you to think about anything else.
Unknown In an effort to help answer that all important question, READ MORE

How I Roll and Why

I’m driven to hand work. I no longer fight it I embrace it.

It’s my therapy, it’s the itch that demands a responce. 

Last summer I had a weekend without a wedding so I entered a floral design contest. I lost.

It does not matter.What’s important is that I locate rationale for my useless READ MORE

Broadmoor Resort Hosts a Wedding Like No Other

Their children did not know. Their grandchildren did not know. The bride and the groom were the only ones in on the secret. Announcements, were addressed to close friends and placed in the mail box several hours before the event.

The family was invited to the event thinking it was a family READ MORE

When Love Birds Wed

IMG_7993 copyErica my bride and I designed her entire wedding florals via email and phone conversations.IMG_7991It took a few back and forth email exchanges and some Pinterest pictures to help me understand her vision. Eventually it became clear the look she desired. Above is the bride’s bouquet of peach garden rose, peach stock READ MORE

Wedding at The Mining Exchange in Colorado Springs

Thank you A’Laura for sharing all these beautiful pictures from your recent wedding. It was my first set up at he Mining Exchange Hotel and I loved it’s historic ambience and contemporary styling.A'Laura wedding collageA’Laura choose a color scheme of lime green and ivory with a few pops of purple.IMG_7866It was perfect color READ MORE

Purple Bow Tie Wedding

I love a man with a mohawk, Clark Kent glasses and a purple bow tie.

3i9puhnj6z484w4bd584_lowThis handsome ring bearer stole the hearts of all who attended this wedding held at the Garden of the Gods Club on a beautiful spring day in Colorado Springs.
xydab0wzyr71qope5924_lowIdalla, my bride chose a slightly rustic theme, using shades of READ MORE

Floral Industry Secret! All Brides Should Know…

009I’ve got a secrete and brides you really need to know this!

In the floral industry, each week, there will be items that have to be brought to market because weather conditions have caused unexpected  blooming cycles. In other words, “Dang, why did all those roses bloom at the same time?” When READ MORE

Grandmas as Flower Girls – Colorado Springs Wedding Flowers

I spend way too much time looking at wedding pictures. I tell myself I do this to know what is trending in bridal style. The truth is Pinterst is addictive and I need my daily fix. I’m sure it’s a character flaw, which I have no plans to address.Genevieve-Leiper-Grandma-Flower-Girls-2 Big thanks goes READ MORE