How To Save On High End Wedding Flowers.


If you desire high-end bridal flowers then there are only two ways to save money. One is DIY. For this. I recommend Fifty Flowers. They offer quality product with good prices and they make a real effort to have good customer service. The other method is to employ a high end floral designer who does not run a retail shop and, therefore,  can be flexible. (In Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, that would be me, Liz Ash, owner and floral designer at Ambience Florals)

That’s it. There are really no other ways to save money while getting a high-end look.  Many brides think they should price shop and select the lowest bid and will still get an expensive look for their wedding.  But the lowest bid can never be high-end floral work and it usually reflects weak design skills and inferior flowers – think “FTD”.


Allow me to explain a bit about the flower industry:

In your average flower shop, each week there will be flowers that must be brought to market because unexpected weather conditions affected blooming cycles. In other words, “Dang, why did all those grape hyacinth bloom in the same week?” 


Or,  this grower is asking himself,”Why did all these Cafe Au lait dahlia bloom in the same week?10366022_10152284241664193_2381858469409981461_n



When this happens the grower knows there is no choice but to cut and bring product to market. He also is aware this will usually flood the market with more supply than there is demand. So in an attempt to sell as much product as he can, the grower will reduce prices as an incentive to get retail shops to buy. Sometimes product price can be unbelievably low. By reducing prices, the grower is betting that he can increase demand. Usually it works and the grower is able to quickly sell their entire product at market. Retail shops are happy because they purchased at what is usually below market prices and sell back to the consumer at retail price. 

I love it when I can create your “vision” only more beautiful and bigger that you ever imagined you could afford. The catch is that the product is only sold by the full box and you have to purchase it quickly when it appears on market because it usually sells out quickly.

The trick is to allow me, your florist, enough flexibility in creating the flowers for your wedding that I can take advantage of these opportunities. I can get you a lot more for the same price when you follow these simple steps:




Step 1: Fall in love with a “look” not the details. Decide on a few flowers that you definitely want in your wedding. Then, trust me to create your vision in the most cost effective way. This means don’t stress about every single flower in your wedding (That’s my job!!). Allow me to take advantage of all those fantastic and unexpected offers. The result of trusting me is that you get quality flowers at amazing prices.

Step 2: Create a Pinterest board of things you like. This helps me understand your vision.



IMG_9021 copy

Below are pictures from a wedding I did last spring. Kelly, my bride, requested a spring look with bright and cheerful spring colors and definitely some coral orange and ivory.




Any takers?

Planning a wedding? Give me a call. (200-5182) or click here. Let’s talk flowers. Liz Ash/ floral designer and owner Ambience Florals