Do you have a problem?

Need flowers for your wedding? That’s not a problem. If the flowers for your wedding are not a priority for you, here’s what to do:  Call four florists, hire the cheapest and you’ll be fine. Really, you will. You don’t need me.


On the other hand, if you need wedding flowers that your guests will remember, that complete the look of your dress, that describe your unique style, that set an ambience for your reception, then you have a problem. A problem that I can fix!


I never shy away from such problems.  I like to get my creative muscles engaged. The ideas and details are important here. The stakes are higher here and I may need to color outside the lines a bit.  This is what makes Ambience Florals a true floral design shop. I will design the ambience you desire for your wedding and solve your all your flower “problems.”  


Please… engage me. My engine runs on problems.


Planning a wedding? Give me a call. Let’s talk flowers.