Broadmoor Hotel Ross Room Weddings

Are you considering a wedding in the Ross Room at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs?

It’s a lovely site as are all the sites at the Broadmoor Hotel. Here are few of my thoughts to consider.

The first thing your guests will notice is this grand entrance! Be sure to remind your photographer to get some pictures as your guest are arriving via this impressive staircase. 

At the top of the stairs is this impressive lobby where the dominate color is an intense teal green with ivory and golden trim. This room is dark, dramatic and very formal.

From the dark lobby you enter the Ross Room with two walls of windows that overlook the Broadmoor Gold Course. The wall color in this room is an antique gold with ivory trim. The carpet 
continues the teal green theme from the lobby with some red as an accent color.

IMG_9179The room is basically a big square with plenty of natural sun light and a spectacular chandelier
which  creates a romantic and stately ambience as the evening darkens.

The curtains are a teal green about six shades lighter than the lobby. You might want to consider this color when choosing the colors for your wedding. It’s always easier and usually more effective to work with the colors that are present than to try to change the color pallett.

I’ve saved the best for last.The terrace has a spectacular view overlooking the Broadmoor Golf Course
It’s the perfect place for an out door ceremony, cocktail hour, or both.

What colors work best in the Ross Room? Actually I’ve done the whole gamut of colors in this room but I think it best lends itself to ivory, gold, green, and pastels, especially in shades of blush, peach, pink and lavender.

Dusty Miller is a faboulous foliage choice for the Ross Room because it mimics the teal green hues in the carpet and the drapes.

Here is an example of the beautiful night time lighting that can easily be achieved in the Ross Room.

Notice the beautiful sconce adding to the warm romantic effect. Below is a picture of the Ross Room in daylight. Its lovely for a morning wedding with a brunch reception because of all the natural lighting and easy access to the terrace; where your guest can enjoy crisp Colorado air and mountain views.

Planning a wedding in the Ross Room? Give me a call. Let’s talk about your ideas and how to make that the Ross Room work for you. Let’s talk Flowers.  Liz Ash /floral designer/ owner Ambience Florals