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About Ambience Florals

Hello, I’m Liz Ash, owner and designer at Ambience Florals.


My design style has evolved over the years and today I would describe my style as botanical with structure. I always strive to incorporate the basic principles of art in all my designs, paying close attention to scale, shape, balance, rhythm, value and color. When it comes to selecting ribbon I am a snob. I only use high quality beautiful ribbon, even my burlap ribbon is edged in satin. Above all I love working with flowers, all flowers. I always look forward to the changing of the seasons as each season brings its unique selection of fresh greens, flowers and interesting color palettes.

By developing my skills as a floral designer I have been able to create a wonderful business whose primary focus is creating artistic floral designs for weddings and receptions. As word of my work and approach has become known my business has grown. Sometimes you find your passion but in my case my passion found me.

When I first started Ambience Florals in 2004 I was so passionate about floral design that working did not feel like a job. Today being the owner of Ambience Florals clearly feels like a job. It’s the most creative, carefree, design intense, artistic job I can do that lets me work like an artist. I feel blessed.

I understand that you have a lot of planning to do and I can make selecting the flowers for your wedding worry-free. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s talk flowers.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s talk flowers.

Liz Ash

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